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Our animals need to be able to get to their forever homes. If you are willing to help with the driving, please fill out the form below.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What does the transportation process involve?

Transporting animals means you are helping get an animal to a new location. You might take an animal round-trip for an appointment the vet, or you may take an animal one-way, such as transporting a pet to its foster home.

Where will I be going?

Transports can be short distance, such as trips to the vet or helping get pets to foster homes, or longer distance to our rescue partners in other states. For longer trips, we provide the vehicle, fuel, food stipends, and a small additional allowance.

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Welcome one of our available pets to your home. They are looking for their forever homes!


Troy Animal Rescue Project can never have too many fosters. All you need is a little time & love.


Every little bit counts. Help us continue to place pets in their forever homes.

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