Precious's Story

Name: Precious
Sex: Female
Age: 5
Breed: Yorkshire terrier
Temperment: extremely shy

Precious is about 6 lbs and UTD on shots and spayed.& She is extremely shy. She needs a quiet, calm home without small children. She needs someone who understands the nature of an extremely shy dog. You cannot force yourself on her. She will trust you with a little time.Once she lets you in her circle of trust, she is a complete Velcro dog, lap baby, or your shadow. She would love nothing else than to sit in your lap 24/7 and be petted and brushed. She is mostly crate trained and will use pee pads. She will poo outside every time, but will pee in her crate if left in for long hours. If someone is home with her, she will potty outside 100% of the time. She gets along with all of her foster brothers and sisters both big and small. She will growl at other dogs both big and small when eating at the outside food bowl. She does not with the inside food bowl. She will growl at other dogs if she is in her foster moms lap because she wants all the attention. She will run, hide and bark at strangers, however you will catch her peeking around the corner with curiosity. If the stranger looks at her, she will run and hide again. She will keep her distance until she trusts you. Precious has had surgery to repair a stage 4 luxating patella on her back left knee. She is currently in recovery and will have no long term problems once healed. She loves, loves, loves to be brushed and held in your lap. There is no other place she would rather be. But this is after she lets you in.

All dogs that are adopted through Troy Animal Rescue Project have been fully vetted. They come spayed/neutered, rabies vaccinated, distemper/parvo vaccinated, fecal tested, dewormed, and heartworm tested negative. The $50 adoption fee is to help offset the cost of this vetting. If interested in adopting, please fill out the adoption app online. There will be a home check and a final application before adoption. For any other questions, please email



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In animal rescue, fostering is a necessary part of saving the lives of shelter animals. Everyone will benefit from fostering an animal (dog, cat, puppy or kitten). Simply put, fostering saves lives.

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